Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brothers and sisters in Christ

This day and age we are facing a very sad situation and we must realize as brothers and sisters in Christ that we are here to edify or lift up our fellow bros/sis' in Christ when they are sad or heading not only down but just plain out. We are family, family made up of sons/daughters of the Most High God in heaven, brother and sisters to Jesus Himself. But too many are turning their backs on "family members" who are in need of a hug; a God bless you; a card; phone call; or just something as simple as a smile. What a shame it is when a person is so busy that they pass by a bro or sis who is hurting and in need for the simple reason they are too busy ot too tired.

It's also sad at how walls have been placed between denominations; come now folks are we called by the name of God, or we called by the name of the denomination we choose to worship at? Think for a moment: am I a Baptist? Methodist? Assemblies of God? or am I a child of God worshiping at the house of God of my choice? Are you defined by your place of worship name? or are you defined by who you are in Christ?

It's time we all, including myself, take a hard look into ourselves and see where our comittment is; am I selfish? is my love walk where it should be? Will Jesus say to me: job well done or: go away from Me I never knew you? I without a doubt want to be on His right hand numbered with the sheep, not on the left with the goats.


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