Sunday, February 3, 2008


Many things are being taught and said today that does nothing but opens the door(s) for satan to move heavily and mightily in the lives of unsuspecting Christians. It is very scary that this goes on Christian tv being thrust upon the youth! Let’s face the cold hard truth: Too many well meaning preacher/teachers/bishops/evangelists/ect. Are making the path easy for satan and his demons to invade the lives of God’s children.

Lets look at what we should be doing. 1) Keep our eyes on Jesus ONLY. How do we do this? Open your Bible. Get into the Word of God and study the Word. Apply that Word into your life. Pray. Take a close look at what you are praying for. Does it line up with the will God has for your life? (1st John 5:14-15). Don’t allow bitterness to come flooding into your life when prayers don’t seem to be answered. Make both your Bible study and your prayer time a priority in your daily life. Think about the Word constantly and pray much throughout the day, by doing so you will leave no room for satan and his wiles to run around in your mind hindering your thoughts. By keeping your “eyes” on Jesus, your thoughts will be off the cares of this present world which satan is walk to and fro to devour whom he may. 2) Submit to God. James 4:1-12 sums it up. Submit yourself to God, then resist satan, then he will flee from you. How do we submit to God? Plainly, put our own desires aside and put all the things of God first in your life. Put aside what you feel is important to you, and ask Jesus to place a new desire in your life, just say Jesus place within me your desire, your will/plan into my life and help me to put my own desires aside to accomplish Your will. This is the beginning: Keeping your “eyes” on Jesus: studying the Word, prayer, and submitting yourself to God.

Now the scary part: First off I’ve heard preaching and teaching about spiritual warfare that makes no sense. It does nothing but open the door for the demonic. I’ve heard names of demons being called out that don’t exist, I’ve research and found no basis for them, nor any record for them, and this being done to the youth. I will not name them, for there is no reason to name demons. Spiritual warfare in the heavy form needs to be left to individuals anointed for this type of service. We need to lift up the name of Jesus. Praise and worship, and pray to the Father in the name of Jesus for all needs. Praise and worship is the key to stopping the demonic. Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for the spiritual warfare ministry, but for the average Christian their knowledge and training is limited, and that will cause more problems than freedom. I believe on must stay positive, staying positive is clinging to the things of God and Jesus. Opening that Bible and growing in the Word, prayer, and praising Jesus continually. Too many of us are witnessing to all the problems in our lives and not witness to what Jesus has done for us. Keep praising Jesus continually!!!! Keep looking to Jesus and walk by faith not sight, satan was defeated 2,000yrs ago by Jesus and he passed that victory on to us!!!!!


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